“Don’t ask too many questions!”

“No pictures please!”

“No video!”

Those are the phrases one may hear when visiting an oud oil factory or talking to mass producers of agarwood oil. Feel Oud’s approach, however, is a bit different. In our few years of distilling agarwood oil, we have shared with the world an amount of factual information that most likely has never been exposed throughout the whole history of agarwood.

All this was done with the agenda of shedding light on what OUD oil really is. To let people see the difference between OUD and oud. To witness olfactory rebirth of agarwood into OUD oil. To share the true love and appreciation we have for this precious substance. To expose the importance of the tiny details and the care that has been infused into each of our OUD oils. To share the results of our “soul driven art”, if you will. To reveal every single piece of this challenging puzzle, so that one can put them together and view the whole, crystal clear picture… and finally be able to truly FEEL OUD.